Since version 1.4.3 we are using Atlassian's email API to get email addresses to send notifications, so it is no longer necessary to set the visibility of email addresses to public.

We are sending notification on the following occasions:

  • Event created
    • If an events get created and the created event's status is requested, a notification is sent to every approver in the owner's team. An additional notification is sent to the owner of the event, given the creator and the owner are not the same.
  • Event changed
    • If the modified event was approved or rejected, then two notifications gets sent. Also, if the user who made the changes is not the same as the requesting user, then the requesting user will get a notification as well.
  • Event deleted
    • A notification is sent when an approved event, that has single approval workflow gets deleted. This email will be sent to every approver in the requesting user's team. The requesting user will also get an email, if the user deleting the event and the requesting user are not the same.
  • Worklog overbooked
    • We send a notification to the event's owner if he created an event, that has a duration longer, than what their workload scheme allows.
  • worklog error
    • We send a notification to administrators if there is an error when creating a worklog.