Team Trax:
Vacation and holiday tracking for Jira

Team Calendar: Manage home office 🏠 , sick leaves 🤒 , vacation🍹 and shared assets 💻 of your teams easily

User-friendly calendar view for big teams

Team Calendar helps the organization of team works. Allows employers to review their team members’ presence in office. Employees can make easy request for home office, vacation or other event types in calendar.

Configurable event types and limits

Simply to make different types of events: home office, vacation, sick leave, on-site work, etc. customized for unique needs of companies. Define annual limits for event types and sub-types.

Workload and holiday schemes

Create workload schemes to manage different types of users workload. The worklogs for the events are based on a users workload scheme. Holiday schemes allow to define national holidays.

More details

Team Trax is a unique tool for Jira which helps to review and manage company teams, it can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar.

Main features:

  • Three types of calendar view: team calendar, annual calendar, my calendar
  • Configurable event types (working status): according to the needs of companies (home office, on-site work, holiday, unpaid leave, sick leave, etc.)
  • Holiday and workload schemes: able to manage national holidays and different types of users workload
  • Annual limits: for event types and sub-types

Useful for:

  • Managers: can view and organize their teams and easily approve home office, holiday or other requests.
  • Work teams: team members can easily watch the working status of each other to coordinate their cooperative work, and increase efficiency.
  • HR/Finance: event types can be logged automatically in worklogs, which can help with payroll calculations